The key mission of le Roseau is to welcome, accommodate and support. It has been created for the families of patients hospitalized in Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc Hospital. Having loved ones nearby makes hospitalization more compassionate and it increases the chance of success in many medical treatments. Le Roseau means “the reed” in French.

Le Roseau hopes to be…

A comforting place thanks to the 30+ volunteers who greet, listen to and reassure our residents. Most of the rooms are equipped with an internal phone which allows the residents to contact patients or hospitalization units directly;

A place close to the hospital: only a 5-minute walk away and accessible 7 days a week;

A place to live: where families can take care of themselves, cook, do their washing, etc. It is recommended that guests make their own bed and clean up their room themselves;

  • A multicultural place: the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc Hospital is famous worldwide, attracting patients from many different countries. Le Roseau therefore not only welcomes families from Belgium and Luxembourg but also those from Russia, Israel, Algeria, Greece, etc.;
  • A place of solidarity and sharing: All of our accommodations consist of twin rooms; single people are encouraged to share their room with another person, particularly during busy periods. Both in the rooms and in the common areas of le Roseau, the residents should remember to maintain a calm environment for one another.