Le Roseau is a lodge for the families of patients taken to hospital at the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc or at the Institut Albert Ier et Reine Elisabeth (IAE).

Over the years, Le Roseau has extended its welcome to patients in daycare or in single day clinic under certain conditions.

5 minutes walking distance from the clinics, le Roseau allows family and close friends to stay next to the patient, while having moments of sharing, of solidarity and relaxation.

Le Roseau is thus a lot more than a simple hotel !Its a place for life, sharing, listening, exchange, mutual support…







It’s the darkest hours – When the wait keeps waiting – That a friendly hand is outstretched – That an attentive face is listening – And that the sun tomorrow – will see you smile again

Thank you all, Team of the Roseau, for your kindness and your welcome. I arrived here with a big heart and thanks to you I was able to forget a little the torment that grips me …  

Thank you for this house that welcomes us in a family atmosphere. For if we come to stay in this setting, it is not out of pleasure but out of necessity. We thank the organizers who do their best to make us forget why we are here.

Trust the Roseau, the atmosphere relieves you of much of your ailments..

The existence of a house where the attendant is the centre of attention allows him to settle down, listen to his fears and share them with volunteers or other residents. This does not detract from suffering but makes it more bearable.

, where the word humanity takes on its full meaning… We forget, during a coffee break, the seriousness of the situation. There is comfort, always a nice lady who listens who knows how to find the right words, the words that comfort and make you believe in it when you think that everything is lost. The day when everything is better and finally we go home, we are happy and a little sad to think that tomorrow we will no longer see these “volunteers” of the Roseau, smiling, omnipresent, wonderful in their magnificent involvement.

It’s so important to be able to rest and regain some composure after a tough day of medical examinations, hassles, uncertainties. Having to drive in such conditions would sometimes be very dangerous for oneself but also for others.

After the many stays I’ve already spent with you, it seems to me every time I come back a little “home” and it’s very comforting to know you there.

Thanks to you, I have been able to face difficult times. You have allowed me to meet people with whom I have been able to make friends: in difficult times, the support of others is essential