In this Covid situation and during works in our building:

  • le Roseau does not offer any longer shared rooms. Our 33 rooms have 2 beds and are available at the unique tariff of 42 euros per night, linnen and breakfast included, whether they are occupied by one or two persons.. The tariff “triple room” applies when a 3rd person ( over 3 years old) occupies the room( on a folding bed) Le “relais hospiday” is a distinct service distinct with a different price (more info in the topic “Reception Conditions”).
  • We are open 7 days on 7 between 7:30am and 7pm.. Arrivals are processed between 2pm and 6pm.


The tariff applies per night, depending on the type of accommodation.

The tariff decreases once after 15 consecutive days and again after a 1 month stay.

It includes breakfast and the rental of bed sheets. The residents should come with their toiletry set (towel, soap, and shampoo).


Credit and debit card payment is accepted.

The payment is due upon leaving le Roseau. One or few intermediate bills can be established for a long stay.

Some health insurance plans might also contribute to the accommodation fee.