The core mission of le Roseau is to provide accommodation to people accompanying a patient who is being hospitalized at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc Hospital or at the Institut Albert Ier / Reine Elisabeth. Le Roseau can also receive outpatients or patients hospitalized for only one day under certain conditions.

Residents at le Roseau are autonomous and independent. Le Roseau does not dispense any medical treatment and does not have access to residents’ medical files.

Le Roseau accommodates a maximum of 2 residents per patient, except in the case of long hospitalization where more of a family gathering is needed. Arrivals are accepted from 14h et les departures must be done before 11h.


Family & accompanying persons

Family / accompanying persons of patients (adults or children) hospitalized in the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc Hospital.


Institut Albert Ier/Reine Elisabeth

Family / accompanying persons of patients hospitalized in the Institute Albert Ier / Reine Elisabeth.



Patients, whether accompanied or not, who need to come the day before a consultation.



Patients whose treatment does not require overnight hospitalization. Le Roseau wants to ensure these patients can also be accompanied.


Hospital Relais (Hospiday)

The “hospital relais” is a specific service with a different payment rate.

More Info

It is aimed at patients who must remain under observation from a responsible adult for 24 hours after anesthesia and cannot go back home immediately after an operation as they live alone or too far away from the hospital. Le Roseau offers them the “hospital relais” service. The cost per night is 50 EUR. It includes: connection from the hospital to le Roseau, dinner and observation until the next morning.